Jim Miller Fathers Day Giveaway 2022

Father’s Day Giveaway 2022

Congrats to our winners! 1st place grand prize gas BBQ grill goes to Ms. Pamela Raquel Lee and our 2nd prize winner of the Dewalt drill set is Ms. Suzette Weast.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. Below is the video of the actual drawing.

We’re here this evening to do the Father’s Day giveaway. So, without further ado, I’ve got the bag of entries here and we’re going to draw for the runner-up prize, the DeWalt Drill Set. One, two, three… here we go!

So, Suzette Weast! Congratulations. You’ve won a DeWalt drill set for Father’s Day. Awesome!

And now, for the grand prize, the gas barbecue grill. We’ve got Pamela Raquel Lee. Congratulations, Ms. Pamela Raquel Lee, you’ve won the grand prize, the gas barbecue grill.

Keep in mind, if your heat and air system is not working right, reach out to Brad. He’s an honest guy, loves what he does, and will treat you right. Give him a call anytime!

Thanks so much for watching our giveaway. Congratulations, folks!