2023 09 Taming Indoor Humidity

Brad’s Guide to Busting Humidity: Keep Your Home Cozy & Fresh

Nothing beats walking into a cool, comfy home after a long, summer day. But, as you kick off your shoes and settle in for the evening, little do you know there is an invisible intruder interfering with your comfort. It’s called indoor humidity. And it’s not just the summer stickiness we’re talking about.

But hey, no sweat (pun intended)! Brad’s got your back. Let’s dive into taming that indoor humidity and keep your home feeling just right.

Why Humidity Matters

An over-the-counter hygrometer making sure the home's humidity stays in check.

Imagine our bodies as finely tuned machines. We operate the best when all the external conditions are “just right”. When you mess with the humidity, you often begin to feel groggy, and your home becomes prime real estate for uninvited guests like mold and bacteria. Not cool, right?

So, how humid should it be? The experts over at the EPA suggest 30%-50% in warmer times and a bit lower, around 15-30%, during the colder months. (Helpful hint from Brad: grab a hygrometer. It’s your air’s speedometer, always keeping you in the know about those humidity levels.)

So, Where’s All This Humidity From?

Understanding humidity is a bit like detective work. It can sneak in from all over – outside air, poor ventilation, even a leaky pipe. Even if you keep up diligent maintenance and avoid those issues, your daily life might contribute to humidity levels as well. Cooking, showering, and drying laundry indoors all add moisture to the air.

Brad’s Top Tips to Beat Humidity

Alright, team, let’s roll up our sleeves. Here’s Brad’s 11-step guide to show that humidity who’s boss:

Dealing with Weather Humidity

  1. Trust Your AC: Your air conditioner is like that trusty multi-tool; not just for cooling but also quite adept at pulling out excess moisture.
  2. Consider a Dehumidifier: When it’s muggy but not “hot-hot”, this little gadget is your best pal. It’ll suck up that extra dampness and keep things comfy.

Boosting Air Flow

  1. Let Your Home Breathe: A good flow of air is like a mini detox for your home. Open windows, turn on fans, and keep that air moving!

Handy Home Fixes

  1. Check for Leaks: A dripping tap is a nuisance, and so is a leaky pipe. Keep an eye out, especially in places like your kitchen and bathroom, and immediately fix any leaks.
  2. Insulate Correctly: Proper insulation is like giving your home a cozy blanket, keeping that condensation at bay.
  3. Lay Down Moisture Barriers: Damp soil can be sneaky. A solid plastic sheet around your home is a great shield against unwanted moisture.

Everyday Habits

    A snazzy hygrometer making sure the home's humidity stays in check.
  1. Rethink Plant Placement: We all love a touch of green, but plants can be sneaky humidity boosters. Give them some outdoor time or cover that soil.
  2. Exhaust Fans are Lifesavers: Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, they are your ticket to drier, fresher air.
  3. Embrace Outdoor Drying: Mother Nature’s drying service is free and cuts down indoor humidity. Win-win!
  4. Cook with Care: Use lids, let food cool, and maybe give a slow cooker a shot. And washing dishes with cooler water will release less steam into the air.
  5. Desiccants for the Win: Desiccants are like mini sponges for the air. Pop some around, and they’ll soak up extra moisture.

Final Thoughts

Keeping that perfect balance of humidity can be a bit of a journey. But with these tips, we hope that you are better equipped for success. At the end of the day, there’s truly no place like a comfy home. And if you ever feel out of depth, you know who to call. Brad will always be here to help!

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