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Overworked Air Conditioner? Why Ignoring It Will Cost You

Remember the refreshing silence when your air conditioner takes a well-deserved breather? Can’t recall, huh? Well, if your AC has been running like a marathoner without a finish line, then it’s time we had a chat.

Your AC, as loyal as it may be, isn’t made to run non-stop. If it’s pulling an all-nighter in the heart of summer, consider it a flashing neon sign screaming, “Hey, we’ve got a problem here!”

Many people assume it’s normal for an HVAC system to run continuously during the sweltering heat. However, if you ignore this problem, you’ll likely end up in a sweat!

1. Busting Your Wallet: Sure, a full-throttle AC might manage to keep you cool, but it will definitely crank up your electric bill. Let’s not burn your hard-earned money on an overworked AC.

2. Wear & Tear on Your HVAC Parts: Your AC is no fan of non-stop running. This constant operation puts the squeeze on its parts, shortening its lifespan and opening the doors to breakdowns and costly repairs. You invested a lot of money into your cooling system, and you want it to last.

3. Fast Track to the Junkyard: That constant hum of your AC is its cry for help. Ignoring it only brings you closer to a full-blown system failure. If you’re like us, there’s no greater threat to our summer vacation than feeling warm air coming from those vents!

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Let’s Look At Some Causes

Now that we’ve tackled the potential issues let’s look at some of the usual suspects causing your AC to run an endless relay race.

1. Frosty Coils: When you notice that your system is running constantly, yet the house is barely keeping cool, the first potential problem is frozen coils. Lack of preventive maintenance on your air conditioner can lead to this. Turn off the system immediately and give us a call at Brad’s Heating & Air. We will help you figure out the underlying issues.

2. Dusty Coils: Over time, the coils in your AC can accumulate a layer of dust. Dirty coils make it harder for your system to cool your home, pushing it to work overtime. Regular coil cleaning can help eliminate this problem.

3. Blocked Air Filters: A clogged air filter is like a chokehold on your AC. Struggling to keep your home cool, your AC never gets a break. Want to help your AC catch its breath? Change or clean those filters every 30 days.

4. Leaky Refrigerant Lines: Leaks in your coils or refrigerant lines can dramatically affect your air conditioner’s ability to cool. Don’t worry; Brad’s Heating & Air can find those pesky leaks, patch them up, and refill your refrigerant levels.

5. Faulty Thermostat: A wonky thermostat can keep your AC running even when your home is cool enough. Check your thermostat settings and battery. If it’s still acting up, give us a call, and we’ll take a look.

6. Motor or Fan Issues: Problems with the blower motor or fan can make it hard for your AC to keep your home cool. We know those YouTube DIY videos can be tempting, but trust us, it’s best to leave this one to the pros.

7. Drafty Ductwork: When cold air escapes through cracks and holes in your ductwork, you end up spending money just cooling your attic. Don’t force your AC to work harder to compensate for old ductwork. Brad likes playing Sherlock… he will find those sneaky leaks and seal them, boosting your airflow in the process.

8. Size Matters: If you’ve expanded or redesigned your living space, your AC might be reeling from the extra workload. And under-sized air conditioner will struggle to keep up. But worry not; give us a ring, and we’ll perform a load calculation on your cooling system to find the right-sized system for your upgraded needs.

Final Thoughts

An AC that doesn’t know when to quit is not something to take lightly. The longer you procrastinate addressing the issue, the more you’ll feel the pinch in your wallet – from skyrocketing energy bills to hefty repair costs or even the dreaded total system replacement. Swift action and professional help can steer you clear of these headaches by identifying and solving the root causes of your AC’s relentless operation.

At Brad’s Heating & Air, we are all geared up to solve any issues related to your AC’s constant running. So why wait for a crisis when you can nip the problem in the bud? Give us a call at (501) 330-8066 to schedule a service appointment, and let’s tackle the problem head-on.

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