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Common Furnace Problems in Winter

As the cold winter months set in, your furnace becomes one of the most essential systems in your home. This is the time of year when furnace problems become the most prevalent. If left unaddressed, they can lead to discomfort and high energy bills. This post will discuss some of the most common furnace problems experienced in wintertime and what an HVAC repair company will do to fix them.

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Lack of heat: One of the most common furnace problems is an overall lack of heat generated in your home. Various issues can cause this problem, including a dirty air filter, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a problem with the ignition system.

Strange noises: Customers sometimes notice noises coming from their HVAC that, understandably, cause concern. A myriad of issues can cause these noises, such as a loose belt, a malfunctioning blower motor, or a problem with the combustion chamber.

Pilot light problems: When a pilot light blows out, your gas furnace can no longer heat your home. Something as simple as a strong draft can cause this to happen. Sometimes, the pilot light is just burning inefficiently. Other problems can include a dirty pilot light or a problem with the thermocouple or gas supply.

Carbon monoxide: CO2 is a deadly gas that is colorless and odorless, making it hard to detect. The dangers of breathing carbon dioxide have been widely documented, so we highly recommend that you test your home periodically. You can purchase a carbon monoxide detector from Amazon for less than $50.

In conclusion, the winter is a time when furnace problems can become the most prevalent. Remember that regular maintenance and inspections are crucial in preventing these common furnace problems and ensure that your furnace runs safely and efficiently.

If you experience any of the issues discussed above, it is important to contact us as soon as possible at (501) 330-8066. We can assure your furnace is working correctly and that you stay safe, warm, and comfortable throughout the winter months.

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